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The Story of Illuminarti

Meet the owners of the studio Arthur and Nicole.
Arthur and Nicole met a  year before the opening of illuminarti through tattooing, they decided to open their own studio which was a big dream of theirs. The dream turned to reality and the rest is history...
The studio was opened in 2018 with the hope of creating a warm and welcoming studio that every walks of life would feel comfortable in.
We offer a range of styles and skills at the studio which is what keeps people coming back.
Our pricing is fair and accommodating to individuals which is another quality of ours.
Our reviews say everything about our ethos at illuminarti, people love to come to illuminarti as it’s so relaxed and full of banter!
We really believe that our clients are the most important aspect of our days, our aim is to give high-quality tattoos, fair pricing, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Arthur Frost

Owner/Tattoo Artist

Nicole Perrin

Owner/Tattoo Artist/Beautician

Max Skupien

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